Tool In-A-Can Twin Pack

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Shield – Tool In-A-Can Twin Pack -purpose Lubricant

Twinpack 375ml and 150ml

  • Complete multi-purpose lubricant ideal for the workshop and around the home
  • Performs as a penetrating oil, lubricates, prevents rust and displaces moisture
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment and is non-conductive
  • Silicone-free and prevents corrosion
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It plays when you’re getting in the car to go the gym, when you’re driving to work, when you’ve got other plans but it is always there to remind you of your rusty thingamajig and grinding gizmo that needs a little bit of your care and attention.

Luckily, Tool In-A-Can Twin Pack is the little can that CAN – providing a complete multi-purpose lubricant ideal for use in your workshop and around the house (DIY dream? We think so!)

It performs as a penetrating oil that lubricates and prevents rust while displacing moisture.  It is non-conductive and safe for use on electrical equipment.  Take care of your creaky, grinding, rusty gizmos with our silicone-free formula that prevents corrosion.

In case you haven’t heard the radio ad, here it is.  Now go on, go take care of your rusty thingamajig.

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